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Cooler Master MasterGel Regular High Performance Thermal Grease – New Edition – 5 W/m-K

SPESIFIKASI Product Number MGX-ZOSG-N15M-R2 Color Gray Thermal Conductivity 5 (W/m-K) Specific Gravity 2.5 (g/cm3) (25°C) Volume 1.5ml Grease Cleaner Yes

Cooler Master RPD Grease High Performance Thermal Paste – 0,8 W/m-C

SPESIFIKASI Product Number HTK-002-U1 Color White Specific Gravity 2.37 Viscosity / Flowability Nonflowing Thermal Conductivity 0.8 (W/meter- °C) Volume Resistivity

Deepcool EK720-XL High Performance Thermal Pad – 6.0 W/m-K

SPESIFIKASI Grease Color Gray Specifications 120*120*(2.0mm) Thermal Impedance 0.8 ℃·cm²/W Thermal Conductivity 6.0 W/m·K Specific Gravity(25℃) 3.4±0.2 g/cc Operating Temperature

Deepcool EM009 LGA1700 Bracket For GAMMAXX 400/GT/GTE

Deepcool EM009 LGA1700 Bracket For GAMMAXX 400/GT/GTE DeepCool, a global brand and manufacturer of computer hardware and peripherals for enthusiasts,

Deepcool EX750 High Performance Thermal Paste – 6.2 W/m·K

SPESIFIKASI Grease Color Gray Grease Weight 3 g Thermal Impedance 0.03°C·cm²/W Thermal Conductivity 6.2 W/m·K Specific Gravity(25°C) 2.6 g/cm³ Operating

Deepcool Z10 Thermal Paste – 6.5 W/m·K

SPESIFIKASI Grease Color Blue-Gray Grease Weight 5 g Thermal Impedance 0.08°C·cm²/W Thermal Conductivity 6.5 W/m·K Specific Gravity(25°C) 2.9 g/cm³ Operating

Maxtor CTG9E 2Gr CPU Cooling Conductive Thermal Paste – 13.5 W/m-K

SPESIFIKASI Model Color Conductivity (W/m-k) Density (g/ml) Package Grease Rag Glove Operating Temperature (℃) MOQ CTG9 Grey 13.5 2.9 Customized Customized

Thermal Grizzly CONDUCTONAUT Thermal Paste 1gr – 73 W/m-K

SPESIFIKASI Thermal Conductivity 73 W/mk Viscosity 0,0021 Pas Density  6,24g/cm3 Temperature  10 °C / +140 °C Content 1 g

Thermal Grizzly KRYONAUT Thermal Paste 1gr – 12,5 W/m-K

SPESFIKASI Thermal Conductivity 12,5 W/mk Thermal Resistance 0,0032 K/W  Electrical Conductivity* 0 pS/m  Viscosity 130-170 Pas  Specific Weight 3,7g/cm3  Temperature

Thermal Paste DeepCool Z3 – 1.134 W/m-K

SPESIFIKASI Color Silver gray Dielectric Constant A >5.1 Gross Weight 6.5g Net Weight 1.5g Operating Temperature -50°C–300°C Thermal Conductivity >1.134

Thermal Paste NOCTUA NT-H1

SPESIFIKASI Thermal Paste NOCTUA NT-H1 Weight : 3.5 g Volume : 1,4 ml Density :2,49 g/cm³ Colour: Grey Recommended storage time (before